Hi there!

I'm Tessa! I am currently based out of St. Cloud, Minnesota but I love to travel for weddings & photo sessions! I recently got married in June 2015, so I guess you can label me as "Newlywed" :) One thing that I have found that is super helpful is when I meet with brides before their wedding date, I am not only able to talk about photography for their special day, but also advice about different aspects of the wedding day! I love COLOR! Don't get me wrong, I love black and white photos as well but if you haven't noticed by checking out my website, color is my favorite! Why not capturing the beauty around us with vibrance and warm colors?! 

A few things about me that you might find interesting are:

  • I am obsessed when it comes to pumpkin spice or apple cinnamon candles
  • I love my husband who also may second shoot with me at weddings; he's pretty great :)
  • I love coffee (who doesn't?)
  • I definitely served donuts at Jordan & I's wedding instead of cake
  • I crack a bunch of "Oh I think I'm funny jokes" - Really, I am not that funny. :)
  • Rootbeer floats are heaven sent
  • I post way to much on Instagram. Hint hint, you should go follow me ;) 


I hope this gives you a good idea of who I am and what I do! Please feel to send me a message through the "Let's Chat" tab to learn more about my wedding packages or portrait sessions!

-Tessa June <3

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